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Too busy to invest in real estate? We have your answer. It’s not what you think.

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

While I was at school for my electrical engineering degree, a side hustle in real estate investing was always appealing to me. The challenge that I saw was how to break into the game while maintaining a demanding career. I started to spend nights and weekends reading books, attending seminars, and joining local real estate investor groups. Quickly I realized there was no way I could do all of this without burning out. So, what’s the right formula?

First, let’s define what the challenge is. I am a busy professional. From sunrise until I come home in the afternoon, I am consumed by corporate America. There isn’t time to research a real estate market or neighborhood during those hours or look at properties. When I get home, I have another set of consuming responsibilities with my family. I get it.

Second, do you really want to be a landlord? I was negotiating a deal with a burned out landlord that exhibited all of the symptoms. There were deferred maintenance issues and pissed-off tenants everywhere. He was talking about several roof leaks o his flat roof that he keeps paying some dude $150 to fix, but it never really fixes correctly. He drives by the property several times per week to check on it, even spending the night in his car just to observe what happens late at night! And then the tenant calls, which he says were non-stop. He explained, with stress in his eyes and a tremor in his voice, his hesitation to fill a vacant unit because he couldn’t deal with more tenant phone calls.

So, what’s the right formula?

We have a solution! Passive investments in real estate in commercial multifamily apartment complexes. There are many reasons why I love this model, but here are my three favorites:

  1. Truly passive. When you invest in an acquisition, you are essentially buying shares of an asset. Much like the stock market, you are now a shareholder of the company with little to no other responsibility.

  2. Easy. At the time of the purchase, you simply fund your account and the asset management team takes care of the rest. They deal with the day to day activities and feed you monthly or quarterly updates on the status of the property. They also ensure you get your dividend distributions direct deposited into your account.

  3. Real. I truly love the word “real” in front of real estate. These are real assets. You are able to drive up to any of the properties and touch them. And why not? After all, you are an Owner now!


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