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Hey, I'm Duamel !

About me...


Duamel is the Director of Acquisitions at Ten15 Capital, a Private Equity Group that acquires and manages commercial multifamily properties. He leads the team with a focus on acquisition & construction management, skillfully underwriting, touring and negotiating properties. 

As a full-time multifamily investor, he enjoys the art of the negotiation and finding value where it is easily overlooked. However, it is providing his passive investors a path to financial freedom where he gets his greatest fulfillment.

In 2007, his real estate investing experience began in the single-family space. During the decade following the first deal, he thrived in wholesaling, loss mitigation services for short sales, fixing and flipping and building a portfolio of rentals.


After discovering the power of commercial real estate, specifically investing in apartment communities (multifamily) and the power of syndications, Duamel grew passionate to bring the real estate wealth building model to his community. 

His previous career spanned 18-years as an award-winning leader in the electrical construction industry, where he successfully managed large feature-attraction developments in the theme parks. While there, he developed innovative systems around creating and executing budgets, schedules and implementation teams. Most importantly, he stood out for creating leadership opportunities where they may have been unnoticed and ensuring the success of these leaders.

If you’ve visited the theme parks in Orlando in the last two decades, chances are you’ve enjoyed an attraction he was a part of. 

Originally from Puerto Rico, Duamel now lives in the Orlando area with his wife, Lupita, and two children, Luna and Sol.

Mission based investing, Duamel is passionate about creating investment opportunities for the everyday professional, with a focus on underserved investors such as minorities and women professionals.

Our goal and purpose is to serve and provide value to the community through multifamily investment opportunities.


We are dedicated to connecting busy professionals with alternative real estate investments.


We are dedicated to creating these wealth building opportunities for everyone to enjoy.

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