Raquel is the Investment Success Manager for Ten15 Capital. With experience in entrepreneurship and marketing, she also heads up Adkins Estates, the investment company she founded alongside her husband, Kyle.


Kyle and Raquel hold a large inventory of investing and business successes. For example, Kyle is an Army veteran who brings with him a rich background in construction management, proactively building $100M+ in luxury single-family custom homes and $150M+ in commercial building ground-up construction. President of Adkins 
Estates, Raquel is professionalized in business administration and entrepreneurship, recently exiting a six-figure beauty business she built from scratch.


Together, Kyle and Raquel possess rich customer service, attention to detail, and organization masteries. Intertwining their cocktail of industry expertise, they effectively formed The Adkins Estates, all with a core objective to position investors of every rank to unlock the sustainable, financially independent future they deserve. Since then, Kyle and Raquel have become heavily accredited for accentuating ROI profiles, harvesting scaling opportunities, and for their moral compass approaches towards not just designing places to live but gorgeous homes/community environments that tenants can be 
proud of.

Look out for Kyle Adkins, who will be heading up our new development team in 2023!