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Young, Hispanic and Have A Big Savings. How To Protect Your Wealth.

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Being a young professional has been a lot of fun. To be able to create an enjoyable lifestyle, including traveling, going to concerts and bar hopping with the crew, feels fulfilling. Climbing the corporate ladder has its rewards as well, especially the salary increases and bonuses! Now that you’re making bank, let’s talk about protecting it and growing it.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me “C.R.E.A.M.”

First, let’s tackle the monster in the room: financial education. Why isn’t it cool to talk about finances in Hispanic households? Let’s squash that right here. This is the first step to understanding and achieving wealth. Learn the basics of the 50/35/15 rule, which states you should live off 50% of your income, invest 35% and save 15%. An alternative is the 75/15/10. Either way, you should be creating two savings accounts based on these calculations, one to be used for investments and another to be used for savings.

Secondly, now that you have some cash to invest, understand that the rule for wealth preservation is picking the right investment vehicle. Apartment syndication is my recommendation and it has been the wealthy man’s vehicle of choice for generations. This is due to its predictable nature. Depending on the deal, you’re parking your bread in an account that generates 7% (example) return annually, all the while it is growing in equity as the property increases in value. The return can be shelled out to you in cash distributions or put back into your Self-Directed IRA/Solo 401k. These investments are consistent and safe because they are backed by a real property with real tenants.

Understand that the rule for wealth preservation is picking the right investment vehicle.

Puff Daddy (P-Diddy) had it right, it is all about the Benjamins. It’s about keeping and growing the Benjamins. Congrats on all that you have achieved! Now let’s get smart together so that we could start to build something for our generations to follow. All investments have risks so it is important to get educated. Our team routinely holds in-person seminars and webinars directed at people like you, educating them on how to analyze and invest in multifamily real estate (apartment complexes). Something that John Henry taught me, this is how we make the hood rich.

  • Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. I am not YOUR financial advisor.


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