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You'll Own Nothing, and You'll Be Happy

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

The World Economic Forum held an assembly in February 2021 and discussed a vision of where our society is headed. Their slogan was “The Great Reset,” and included the idea that by 2030, Artificial Intelligence will have replaced many jobs and millions of people will be displaced. Their solution is to provide Universal Basic Income to help us . Also included within this idea is the context that we will own nothing, everything will be rented. What happens to our wealth if we don’t own anything? What could we afford if our wealth is dissipated?

Studying the equity gap trends and the Davos manifesto has instilled in me this sense of urgency. It’s a passion, really. My contribution is creating opportunities to bring YOU into ownership now. Own assets!! When you invest, you are turning your equity, that is, your cash, into assets. If you study and observe wealth, it is most often parked in real estate funds. The plan is to help you build and protect your wealth through real estate. Let's be Owners, not spectators!


Let's close the equity gap. One deal at a time.

What is the racial wealth gap? The racial wealth gap refers to the difference in assets of typical households across race and ethnicity. There is a rapid wealth transfer happening right before our eyes, yet minorities are getting left behind. This study shows that by 2050, Black and Latino households will have negative net worth. There is not enough financial education and wealth information flowing to those communities. Our mission is to disturb that, however small and modest our impact.

Concentration of capital ebbs and flows.

Sometimes we are in financial summers or financial winters. Are you disciplined enough to save? Or are you purchasing the latest television set? We want to empower you to redirect that discipline to purchase assets by purchasing equity positions and let them blossom while you pursue your passions and live your best life.


Challenging the status quo.

Most of the people that I interact with in this business, such as brokers, managers, owners, operators, lenders, investors, don’t look like us, don’t dress like us and don’t talk like us. There are very few minorities and even less women. We’re playing our part, however small, to continue to disrupt so that we could share this information with our communities. While we’re there, create opportunities so us as Black and Latino men and women can participate in the wealth game. That’s why we are so motivated to influence the game! We have a massive chip on our shoulder!

I believe that we are a collection of individuals expressing ourselves in unique ways.

Look, we’re not meant to live in the status quo. I believe in challenging the status quo with everything we do. The way we are challenging it is by creating opportunities and bringing them to our community. We truly care about raising the quality of your lives, and we believe it is enhanced by owning your wealth.


Alternative investments.

We provide alternative investment opportunities. Not real estate investing like buying a house or condo. I'm talking about not having to worry about toilets, trash and termites but still being in real estate, just on a higher level. This will allow you to pursue your passions while you make money in your sleep. This is TRUE passive investment. You don't want to become a real estate investor to be chasing rents, right?

Why is multifamily a solid store of value? Remember, the value of a commercial building is based on the Net Operating Income, not market comparable properties subject to financial cycles like houses. So check this out, your investment, that principal, is protected by the property, locked in in the asset. It’s also growing slowly over time as the property increases in value. In the meantime, it’s shooting off spendable cash flow. Lupita likes to use the analogy that it’s like a high-interest savings account that pays you to save!

In this higher-level real estate investment world, the majority of investors don’t look like us, talk like us, listen to the music we do, dance like we do or hang out where we hang out. We created our own niche by disregarding who you are supposed to look like, dress like or talk like. We have busted through the door of this secret wealth strategy kept quiet by the elites. These elites that seem to steer you to not own anything. Guess what, we're challenging the status quo.

And we’re only just getting started.

It’s like a high-interest savings account that pays you to save!

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