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Lupita has been a licensed Real Estate Professional since 2006, getting an early start with a group of residential investors building rental portfolios. She currently runs HBM Real Estate Services with a focus on portfolio management. 

Lupita started her Property Management career managing portfolios for international investors and progressed to multifamily properties. With a background in Psychology, she brings tough compassion on her treatment of her residents. Skillful in business, she brings no-nonsense market analysis to aggressively maximize rental income and reduce property expenses. Accountable to her clients, she is passionate about executing their Business Plan

With her years of experience in Residential Real Estate, she has built a strong investor network and relationships that stay with her and benefit from her counsel. During the Great Recession she became a pioneer in short sales with a desire to help the homeowner. She opened and successfully led Everest Loss Mitigation Services, a company dedicated to serve the increasing demand. As CEO of BlackDog Properties of Central Florida, she managed over 15 profitable flips within the Central Florida region.

Lupita runs the Property Performance Team for Ten15 Capital.

Community is her passion. Lupita has been involved in several grassroots organizations dedicated to feeding the homeless and tackling challenges felt by the immigrant communities. She has also been involved helping the immigrant population obtain jobs and school supplies.

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