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We are an innovative Private Equity Fund.

We buy apartment complexes. We partner alongside private investors, such as yourself, to invest in multifamily apartment buildings. We strategically approach these projects through a Syndication or a creative Joint Venture.


With these approaches, we create lucrative investment opportunities for our partners that are predictable and stable.

We target assets in growing markets that generate strong monthly cash flow and equity growth. Cash flow is the name of the game. Equity growth is the cherry on top.

Our core mission is to disrupt the current investment model previously reserved to the privileged by simplifying the entry barriers and open this investment platform to the everyday individual.


Wealth Building

Tax Benefits - Our investors get a deduction on the property depreciation.  Depreciation is not a real cash expense.  However, it can be used to deduct from your tax bill on real income.  

Spendable Cash Flow - Thanks to the benefits of depreciation, the monthly or quarterly distributions that you receive can be virtually tax-free.

Use Your IRA or 401k -  Using your Self Directed IRA or 401k allows alternative investments (i.e. Real Estate) for your retirement savings.  This is a great way to diversify your retirement portfolio with real estate investing. Take advantage of growing tax-free wealth! 

Benefit Immediately

Immediate cash flow in monthly or quarterly distributions (typically). This means monthly spendable cash.

Great upside on the back end. What makes these investments so powerful is the equity buildup and value creation. While residential real estate values are bound by comparables, for commercial real estate it is instead created by increasing income and lowering expenses.

Combining spendable cash flow and equity growth, Apartment Communities an provide above average cash-on-cash returns.

If it's cash flow you're looking for, you will find it here.

*We are SEC compliant.

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Historical Stability

Over the past four decades, multifamily investments have provided returns that exceed all other real estate property classes while also providing the highest average annual total returns of any commercial real estate sector.

Demand has shown steady increase. As homeownership continues to drop in the United States, the demand for apartments continuis to climb.

Four main economic drivers for demand:

  1. Millennials are not buyers

  2. Baby Boomers are downsizing

  3. Immigration is steadily increasing

  4. Migration for employment is steadily increasing


We are passionate about connecting busy professionals with alternative real estate investments, such as Apartment Communities. This real estate investment niche is currently undervalued and was reserved for the wealthy for centuries. Spreading this wealth building strategy to our communities and making it accessible is our core value. 

Passive investing means the real estate assets are completely managed by our team on your behalf, you are "hands off" while you collect direct deposit slips. 

We are experienced and have aligned with some of the best investors in the nation to find the hottest opportunities for us and our equity partners. Our immediate markets are the primary and secondary markets in the Central Florida "I-4 Corridor." We are also looking for opportunities in North Florida  and Georgia. 

Contact us today and take the first step towards partnering with us on a passive investing opportunity.



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